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The Gun <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font> 2
Blast your way through 45 missions to unlock the secret of the Rosemary. Shoot the targets with 24 different customizable and fully upgradable guns. Aim with your mouse and shoot with left mouse button.
The Wtf <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>
This game brings WTF to an entirely new level. Get beer into the red cup and be rewarded with a picture!
Professional Assassin G
The aim of the game is to shoot the targets that are moving around the assault courses.
Fr<font color='red'><font color='red'>oggy</font></font> Cupcake
Fr oggy likes to eat cupcakes, your job is to feed them with your excellent cannon shooting skills.
The Simpsons Bmx <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>
Get on a Bmx with Bart by performing mad tricks.The more flips and massive stunts you perform the better you score and the more points you will gain.Controls: Up / Down Arrow Keys - Move. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Balance. Enter

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Racing Games
Pokemon Bike <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>
Ride with Ash and misty over hills and objects and as you try to stay balanced without tipping over.

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Racing Games
Rai<font color='red'>chu</font> Ride
Drive as Rai chu on a motorbike through some nice exciting levels. Try not to fall and help Rai chu to get to the finish.

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Racing Games
The Simpsons Parking Ga
Park homer his car in parking area.

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Racing Games
Valet Hotel Parking Gam
You need to make some extra cash for the summer, so you work at the hotel as a newest Valet Parking attendant.Park the car carefully, otherwise if you bash the car too much and youll get fired.

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Racing Games
Naruto Run <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>
He is cool and trendy and he is all you need when you are training your secret skills. Naruto is here to help you develop your strategy and points. In this platform game you need to run and jump in the same time in order to speed
Meez Adventure <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>
Mario-style platform game with meez characters. Explore levels, collect power-ups and try to stay alive, lots of hidden secrets to find.
How To Make A <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>
Get your stickman to the end of each level in this great puzzle game .
Super D<font color='red'><font color='red'>oggy</font></font>
Fight as a super dog by jumping on cats and getting powerups for punching power.
Diego Baby Zoo Rescue G
Diego must rescue the baby animal from Indian and bring them back to the zoo. Can you help Diego?
Worlds Hardest <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font> 3
The hardest game in the world returns with part 3. Avoid the obstacles while trying to navigate to the exit. Can you complete this game without pulling all of your hair out?
A Ninja <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>
Get the little ninjas home! Beware of traps and use Walls wisely. A thrilling and Brain-teasing puzzle experience!
Ninja <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font> Adventure
Experience the excitement of Ninja fighting, kill all the enemies on the way that blocks Ninjas adventure. Collect items and go on with Ninja adventure!
Baby Caring <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>s With
Baby Caring game s With Anna.

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Baby Games
Dog <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>
The aim of this interesting game is to help the dog collect as many bones as you can before the time runs out. The bones are hidden under the ground so you have to use the dogs sensitive nose to search them. Move the dog around t

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Animal Games
Holy Sword Struggle Gam
Use your mouse to play this game .

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RPG Games
Video <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>s Heroines
Use your mouse to play this game .

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Dress Up Games
<font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font> in the Secret Vamp
Use your mouse to play this game .
Valentines <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font> Shoppin
Use your mouse to play this game .

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Collecting Games
Kings <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font> 2
Use your mouse to play this game .

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Arcade Games
Unicorn <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>s
Use your mouse to play this game .

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Dress Up Games
Gina the Hardcore <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>r
Use your mouse to click on and through the floating hair, clothes video game , game r decks and background options to style Gina for a fun day of hardcore gaming!
I Love Girl <font color='red'><font color='red'>game</font></font>s!
Use your mouse to play this game .

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Dress Up Games
Robinson Crusoe: The Ga
Use your mouse to play this game .

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Arcade Games
Basked On Sunny Beach G
Use your mouse to play this game .

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Dress Up Games
Hurdles: Road to Olympi
Use your mouse to play this game .

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Arcade Games

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