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Naughty Gra<font color='red'>dua</font>tion
Make them gag this gra dua tion.

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Gra<font color='red'>dua</font>tion Party
Tomorrow is an important day for our beautiful princess-it is her gra dua tion party! She needs your advice in choosing the best dress for this special occasion. Also, she could use some help in making her hair and picking the ri

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Girls Games
<font color='red'>dua</font>l Parking
dua l park is a fun parking game. You need to drive and control both vehicles at the same time to complete each level. Avoid obstacles and collect points to score. Have Fun!

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Racing Games
Gra<font color='red'>dua</font>tion Ball
Use your mouse to play this game.
Gra<font color='red'>dua</font>tion Ball Dress U
Use your mouse to play this game.
Gra<font color='red'>dua</font>tion Day!
Use your mouse to click on and through the floating gown, dress, hair, and accessory options for this cute college grad!
Hardventure Into The Du
Use the arrow keys to play this game.
<font color='red'>dua</font>l Parking
Use the arrow keys to play this game.
<font color='red'>dua</font>dako
Rock-Paper-Scissor style fighting game! Very slick!
60 Seconds To Gra<font color='red'>dua</font>tio
With gra dua tion this close, even a slacker can pull of some cheating superpowers. Gather up papers with good grades and shoot down ones with bad grades! Reach a 3.5 GPA before your 60 seconds run out to win and gra dua te.Game
<font color='red'>dua</font>lity
Two action styled games on the side of each other. Kill the evil one, while reaching the good exit.Game controls:Use arrow keys to move.Space bar to jump.
60 Seconds Until Gra<font color='red'>dua</font>
0 Seconds Until Gra dua tion - Today is your gra dua tion but your GPA is too low!

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Fun Games
<font color='red'>dua</font>l
ual - You are humanitys last chance against evil!

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