Ultraman dyna Games

<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> Whack Mole
Damn moles have occupied the prairie and caught lovely rabbit. To save rabbit, you need to drive out all moles.
Run Run <font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font>
The brave Ultraman beat the pants of all the monsters, but he has to stop them from escaping as fast as he can. Come on!
<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> Vs Boss Monste
Monsters has occupied the moon and many other planets, its time for Ultraman Tiga who can upgrade to eliminate them all!
Batman <font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font>mic Double T
Team up with Batman and Blue Beetle to take down Kanjar Ros space pirates.
<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> Vs Tough Monst
On an unknown planet, Ultraman is fighting against monsters. To win, he needs both power and skills. Help him eliminate all the monsters!
Batman The Brave And Th
On the other side of the galaxy, Batman and Blue Bettle must battle Kanjar Ros Space pirates to save an entire planet! Collect scarabs to fill your blue beetle meter! Collect health orbs to fill your health bar.
<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> Vs Chinese Zom
This time, Brave Ultraman come to china,fighting against Chinese zombie, who is the bravest ? zombie or Ultraman ? The game show will show you .
<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> Space Battle
In the distant planet, Ultraman needs to cope with dangerous mechanical monster attacks.
<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> Or Onepiece
After beating all monsters in the universe, Ultraman claims himself to be the strongest in the universe. The heroes of cartoon all stand and fight. Now it is time to show who is the best!
King Of <font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> Invinc
Ultraman King invincible edition, figure invincible! in order to protect the earth better, services for the earth, only continue to exercise . now let us follow the Ultraman King to have a hot-blooded training!
<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> And Star God
Choose the mode and Ultraman and the Universe Star God eliminate all the monsters!
<font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font>mic Systems 2
the game poses you with intricate puzzles and challenges. Place the objects and get the ball to the end!

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Puzzle Games
<font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font>mite Train
Strategically place dyna mite on each bridge, not with the goal of destroying the bridges, but the trains which cross them.

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Racing Games
<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> Exit
Help this cute Ultraman find the way to exit! Different skills are needed to complete levels!
<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> Brothers 2
The sudden appearance of many monsters has disturbed the peace life of human beings. Help Ultraman brothers to eliminate all the monsters and regain the peace.
Transformed <font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font>
Use the slingshot to fling the ball to the other side safely. The ball can transform into Ultraman , then you can kill all the monsters!
<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> Maze Adventure
Wise Ultraman fell into a trap digged by monster! He wants to escape, the fuel is not so much! Save energy is his magic! Guide him forward clever kids!
<font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font> Boy
A fun and cute game about a boy mining for minerals! Collect dyna mite and blow up soil, rocks and other objects. Collect as many minerals as you can before finding the exit in each level.
Japanese <font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font>sty Dress
Use your mouse to play this game.
Super <font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font>mite Fishing
Grab the most dangerous weapons with the biggest blasting power and get ready for the craziest fishing trip of your life! Dry out the waters and let no fish escape! Sail around with your boat across ponds, rivers and seas full of
Batman <font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font>mic Double T
Team up with Batman and Blue Beetle to take down Kanjar Ros space pirates.
Go Go! <font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font>
Do you know how high Ultraman can jump? Test it and have fun!
<font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font>sty War
Watch the bloody bodies fly as you send out your army to attack the enemy base.

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Army Games
Hero <font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> Tiga
Waves of monsters gonna destroy space planets. You are a planet defender. Your task is to smash their plan.

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Fighting Games
Trials <font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font>mite Tumble
In this game you will be driving your trials bike into some serious explosives. The more damage you can cause the drive the higher your score will be. You have 3 runs to get your score as high as possible. This game will keep you

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Bike Games
<font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font>mite fisher 2
Be the most ruthless fisherman known to man and fish.
<font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font>sty Street Fight
Battle your way through the streets finding new weapons and power ups to rid the underground of the opposing reds. Make sure you visit the dojo before you start your missions so you know what youre doing.
<font color='red'><font color='red'>dyna</font></font>mic Systems 2
Your goal in the physics puzzle game dyna mic System 2 is to get the ball into the basket each level.Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

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Puzzle Games
<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> 3
Help Ultraman to fight all his evil enemies.Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.
<font color='red'><font color='red'>Ultraman</font></font> 5
The fight continues as Ultraman still save the world from the attacking monsters.Game controls:Player 1:W,A,S,D - Move.J - Attack.K - Special.Player 2:Arrow Keys - Move.Numpad 2 - Attack.Numpad 3- Special.

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